Monday, 16 February 2009


Singapore Kite Day @ Punggol 2009
16 February 2009
Shakib Gunn (right) with Von Tjong on her hand painted Van Gogh's
12 sunflower on a tyvek rokkaku.

Families celebrated Valentine's Day with our specially designed kite.

Left to Right: Matriosca or Russian Doll (flown by Guilherme Linares, Brazil), Devil Kite (flown by Carlos Soares, Portugal) and Trilobite (flown by Bertrand 
Rosier, France).

Inflatable Frog (flown by Rodolfo Caponi, Italy).

Bird Train Kite from Indonesia (flown by Agus Setiawan), Indonesia.

Spinning Bowl flown by Bertrand Rosier.
 MP Ms Penny Low showing off her flying skills.

This is how you fly a diamond kite.

More pictures from Rumplestiltskin <click here>

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