Friday, 21 July 2017


Need to charge your batteries when you're off-grid? Go fly a kite!
Visit Singapore Kite Day
29 July 2017
10AM - 5PM


From the Isle of Lewis in Scotland, Rod will be at Singapore Kite Day @ MB on 29 July 2017 to prove that networks of kites are the future of sustainable energy. He has spent the last 5 years experimenting with rotary kite network designs which he believes will supersede current wind turbine technology.
Rod shares his kite turbine ideas as Open Source Hardware. He says that “By not patenting, the designs can be shared online with people who need solutions now and they can’t be monopolised to further concentrate investor wealth.”

“Daisy” concept flies rings of power kites, line networked, at a wide radius around a lifting kite tether. The power kites are set to expand their rings while rotating. The wide separation of tense ring & kite tethers allows reliable torsion transmission from multiple kites simultaneously. Early prototypes generated over 500W. Short network lines are efficient so there is less drag per kite.

At under 2Kg of airborne weight and operating under 30m height, the small rotary kite network easily packs into a car boot for use anywhere even inside ATC zones.


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